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Mort Wine Award

Mort Cooking!"We have had the opportunity to frequent the best restaurants in the world as well as polishing off a sandwich onboard a train but we have never prepared the food!...” It couldn’t be clearer.   Attentive to others, Mort knew how to translate the emotion of passing time, a candle that flickers, and a frantic or absent glance with music. He could equally have succeeded as a chef."

"Drink in moderation. Eat in moderation.Food Certificate

Moderation: this is something that we have never brought to our table. It was customary in the microcosm of show business to call oneself Coco to have a bite to eat. How awful, what heresy. Boasting solid cookery courses with some of the great names in haute cuisine – Troisgros, Girardet or Guérard, we take great care in front of the ovens in our respective kitchens to prepare in turn or in teams, celebratory meals for evenings among friends."

Gérard Baqué

Food CertificateMort Wine Pressing!

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